2019 Methodist Build

2019 Methodist Build

If you were in church on September 8th, you heard our guest  preacher, Alta Whitt, ask a simple but convicting question – “what are you holding in your hand?” This was in reference to Exodus 4:2. God had told Moses he would lead the Hebrew people out of Egypt. Moses questioned his abilities, asking “who I am I to lead them?” God then turned Moses’ ordinary staff into a snake, showing that God can turn our simplest tools into something extraordinary.

For a fourth year, Genesis is joining Habitat for Humanity Wake County to build affordable housing in southeast Raleigh. As in the past, we are joining other Methodist Churches in the area. However, this year we are also joining two other coalitions to build townhomes. As a result, this year’s build is being called the Trinity Build. It will be an exciting challenge and will take the efforts of a lot of volunteers over a 16-week  period.

So, what does Alta’s question have to do with the Trinity Build?  Everything! If you can hold a hammer, or drill, or serving spoon, you have the tools to help. Each one of us has gifts and talents. Some are obvious, some not so apparent. Often times, it’s the ones you don’t believe will make a difference that God will use for His glory. I’ve seen it time and again on mission trips that I’ve been on. All you need is a willing heart and God will do the rest. There are so many facets to building a home that whatever skill you possess will be put to use. Not to mention, you may even learn some new skills.

The work is done on Thursdays, Fridays but mainly Saturdays from 8:30 to about 3:00, and you must be 16 or older to participate.  Habitat will have all the tools needed. However, you are free to bring your own.

Please consider registering at http://vhub.at/methodist. If you have any questions, you can contact Jeff Cooper at jccoopercpa@gmail.com or 919-961-5864.