3:16 Devotion March 30, 2020

3:16 Devotion March 30, 2020

Turning Down the COVID-19 Noise

Like you, I’ve been glued to the news. I’m waking up reading it and going to bed watching it. I find myself constantly refreshing it, not only to see what the market is doing, but also to see the new count of COVID-19 cases. It’s like I can’t stop.

And at some point over the last few days, it hit me . . . maybe all of this is really affecting me.

Uh, ya think?!?

Of course it’s affecting me. And it’s affecting you too.

I know you know that, but I just wanted to send you this simple reminder today that you just won’t know how until you stop to pay attention.

Seriously, we just don’t know what’s inside of us until we turn down the noise to hear what’s inside of us. You might find emotions such as loneliness, fear, stress, anxiety, or even inadequacy.

And after you’ve turned it down and listened to what’s there, would you be willing to ask God this simple question: How would you have me deal directly with this emotion?

There are a lot of questions out there without answers right now, but that’s a question I feel confident God will answer.

I’ll leave you with this simple prayer from St. Augustine of Hippo:

Lord Jesus, let me know myself and know You,
And desire nothing, save only You.
Let me hate myself and love You.
Let me do everything for the sake of You.
Let me humble myself and exalt You.
Let me think of nothing except You.
Let me die to myself and live in You.
Let me accept whatever happens as from You.
Let me banish self and follow You,
And ever desire to follow You.
Let me fly from myself and take refuge in You,
That I may deserve to be defended by You.
Let me fear for myself, let me fear You,
And let me be among those who are chosen by You.
Let me distrust myself and put my trust in You.
Let me be willing to obey for the sake of You.
Let me cling to nothing save only to You,
And let me be poor because of You.
Look upon me, that I may love You.
Call me that I may see You,
And forever enjoy You.

I’m praying that you’ll turn down the noise low enough and long enough to be ruthlessly curious of your emotions . . . and then that you’ll allow God to help you deal directly with them—for your sake and for the sake of others.

Lead strong !
Clay Scroggins, pastor, speaker, author

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