3:16 Devotion May 12

3:16 Devotion May 12

“Suppose one of you wants to build a tower. Won’t you first sit down and estimate the cost to see if you have enough money to complete it?” Luke 14:28

I really like this passage from Luke. Jesus was talking about the cost of being a disciple. The most known part of this passage is “whoever does not carry their cross and follow me cannot be my disciple.” It’s a powerful and scary statement. He followed it with other analogies.

To make his point to his disciples, Jesus reveals a notorious practicality, a lot of common sense, and critical thinking. Levels of understanding and wisdom that even fishermen would have. A few verses down in the same passage, he talks about a king that would first count his soldiers before going to war, and if he does not have enough soldiers, then he would start conversations about peace. It’s simply smart.

In the last days there have been many loud voices that are telling us what to do. I knew this time of quarantine fatigue will come, but I couldn’t foresee it would arrive so fast. All of the sudden we need to rush into re-opening.

Nothing has changed in reference to the virus. There is not a reliable, accessible, affordable vaccine or cure. They tell us about numbers. The curve has flattened, but more than 3000 people die per day. Twenty years ago the same amount of people died on September 11th and it shocked us. Just one day. I’m afraid this time numbers have numbed us. The victims’ die away from family. Their stories fade with them. There is no time to honor them.

There is a conscious effort not to show too much suffering because people can get depressing. We’ve got to be positive. Financial experts and scientist that do not talk optimistically are ignored. People that need haircuts have determined it’s time to re-open. People are refusing to wear masks (muzzles), and they get furious if they are asked to take the cautionary measures experts recommend. Restarting the economy as fast as possible is the priority. Money over people. The foolishness of the world is getting really loud.

It’s up to us to decide who are we going to follow. Our authorities act more like rulers than leaders. They just declare their wishful thinking. Real leaders lead with critical thinking, truthfully, with empathy. Just like Jesus.

Jesus is expecting us to sit down and estimate the cost. He is expecting us to think through what we do during this pandemic. He expects us to know there is no individual solution. He expects us to grow closer to Him for His guidance.

Therefore, me and my house will follow the Lord. We would look out for the interest of others beyond our own. We will discern our ways. We will re-start life slowly, and cautiously. We will take actions to keep others safe, because that’s how Christians love. We might be mocked and pressured by the fools of this world. It’s fine. Jesus taught us that was the cost of being a disciple.

“Jesus, you are my leader and I will follow you. Show me the safe path, the one that does not lead to destruction. In your infinite wisdom, give me discernment and clarity of mind in these uncertain times. Help me do what is right and beneficial to me and to my neighbors. I trust you Lord. There is no fear because you are near. Amen.”

Liliana Mariano