3:16 Devotion May 26, 2020

3:16 Devotion May 26, 2020

Let no one despise you for your youth, but set the believers an example in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, in purity. (1 Timothy 4:12)

“More than 23,000 people from 102 countries have volunteered to be a part of a test to find an antidote for the Covid-19 Coronavirus. The testers will voluntarily infect themselves with the virus as part of a global project called One Day Sooner. The goal of the program is to find a vaccine to the virus that has already infected millions and claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people around the world. (…) Even though the entire process will be undertaken with strict medical supervision and the risk of fatalities is low, many doctors have objected to the process claiming that conducting tests on human subjects is unethical. (…)”

I heard this news this week, and it sent a chill on my spine. Human trial is something that brings back a history of torture and abuse for specific races and ages. Who doesn’t remember Dr. Mengele, the Angel of Death? It is highly unethical.

Until you realize this is a voluntary trial. I was flabbergasted. Who are these people that would sacrifice themselves in such way? With a novel virus? Not knowing if there might be long time consequences for their lives even if the risk of mortality is low.

The radio broadcast talked about healthy people coming from all kind of backgrounds, but most of them are young people, mostly medical students that frustrated because they cannot be in the front line of the battle against this virus, decided this was their way to contribute.

It is shocking and humbling. Young people, millennials and Gen Z. There are many stories on the internet that loath these generations. “They are self-centered”, “they don’t invest in their future”, “they like to travel”, “they are not getting married”, etc. But stories like these vaccine trials are not as viral as they should be.

This generation is giving us a huge example. And it’s not only for the people from the vaccine trial. You can see them stepping up as essential workers in grocery stores, and volunteering for food banks. They accept draconian social distance and preventive measures with more patience and resignation than older generations. It’s not because they don’t care. It’s because they care a lot.

Let’s pray today for those people that are willing to sacrifice themselves to speed the process of finding a vaccine, a cure, and relief from this pandemic.

“Heavenly Father, you know our worry and anguish during these times of tribulation. Bless and protect those who are doing extraordinary acts of kindness and courage. They are an example to all of us on what it means to live in faith and in love. Not timidly in fear, but courageously in discernment. May their sacrifice be fruitful for your glory. In Jesus’ holy name, we pray. Amen”

Liliana Mariano