3:16 Devotion March 16, 2020

3:16 Devotion March 16, 2020


How fitting today is 3/16 and we are beginning our prayer time at 3:16 pm. 

Because of Who You Are

Sandi Patty


This is one of my all-time favorite songs recorded by Sandi Patti many years ago. 

 As I listen, first to her magnificent voice, but second to these words, I cry every time. If you know me well, that does not happen often.  

Sandi Patti posted this yesterday on her Facebook page and again, I cried with goosebumps after thirty years of hearing this song. These words make me stop and remember that God created me just to give him glory just because ……….He is the reason we voice our praise. My mind, heart and thoughts leave the surroundings of this world and bring me to remember God the Creator, God the Provider and God the Protector.

Listen until the last note🎵. Be blessed today 3:16.

Marla🎶, Director of Music Ministries