A note from Pastor Shawn…

A note from Pastor Shawn…

It has been an exciting time during these weeks of transition, and I am incredibly grateful for the way you have received my family and me, as well as Pastor Seyun, over the last couple of months.  We will soon embark on another transition, from summer into fall.  As people return from vacations, students and teachers return to school, and temperatures return to something less than “melt your shoes on the sidewalk” hot, it is also a time when many people are seeking to return to church.  Many may be folks who have been involved in the past, but they’ve gotten out of the habit, yet they know that they are missing the community of love, support, and encouragement that their church family can provide.  Please make an effort to be in touch with friends you haven’t seen in a while and let them know that you’d love to see them.

September is also a time when many people who have relocated over the summer are looking to connect with a new church home.  You may have noticed new neighbors, new co-workers, or new participants in your local league or social circle.  Engage them in conversation, be hospitable, and let them know about the great church that we have at Genesis!  You probably remember how you were first welcomed and included when you came here.  In fact, many of you have shared how easy it was to find a sense of home at Genesis.  Let’s extend that welcome to new friends as well.  Let them know about the worship services, the opportunities for learning, the avenues for service in our community.  Share posts from the church’s website or Facebook page with them.  And more than anything, invite them—not just to come, but to come with you.

And if people aren’t familiar with The United Methodist Church, https://www.umc.org/ is a great place to direct them for general information.  However, if you’d like more ways to be able to share, take some time to visit https://www.resourceumc.org/en/agencies/communications/church-and-conference-resources/people-of-god-campaign-new/resources, which is the home of our #BeUMC campaign.  It has a treasure trove of resources for you to share on why it is great to Be UMC.

Finally, take the opportunity to become part of the warm welcome at Genesis.  Sign up for the coffee crew on Sunday mornings or to be part of the welcome team.  Volunteer to help in the nursery or with Sunday School—after all, ministries with children are essential for both the kids and their parents.  Or if you’d like to be more involved with outreach, please let us know.  Just contact the office at 919-467-2128 or office@genesis-umc.org.

May God bless all of us as we seek to BE the church!

Shawn Blackwelder
Lead Pastor

Love God, Love Neighbor, Serve Others