An Invitation to Lenten Prayer

An Invitation to Lenten Prayer

Invitation to the Observance of Lenten Discipline from

The early Christians observed with great devotion the days of our Lord’s passion and resurrection, and it became the custom of the Church that before the Easter celebration there should be a forty–day season of spiritual preparation.

During this season converts to the faith were prepared for Holy Baptism. It was also a time when   persons who had committed serious sins and had separated themselves from the community of faith were reconciled by penitence and forgiveness, and restored to participation in the life of the Church.

In this way the whole congregation was reminded of the mercy and forgiveness proclaimed in the  gospel of Jesus Christ and the need we all have to renew our faith.

I invite you, therefore, in the name of the Church, to observe a holy Lent: by self–examination and repentance; by prayer, fasting, and self–denial; and by reading and meditating on God’s Holy Word.

Lenten Prayer Calendar

DAY 1: Feb 26 Greater Faith Day 2: Feb 27 Clean Hearts Day 3: Feb 28 Your Spouse Day 4: Feb 29 Your Family
Day 5: Mar 2
Your Parents
Day 6: Mar 3 Friends, Neighbors, Coworkers Day 7: Mar 4 Health/ Healthcare   Day 8: Mar 5 United Methodist Church
Day 9: Mar 6 Genesis UMC Day 10: Mar 7 Pastor Craig Ham Day 11: Mar 9 Church Staff Day 12: Mar 10 Genesis Leadership
Day 13: Mar 11 Genesis Missions Day 14: Mar 12 Genesis Adult          Ministries Day 15: Mar 13 Genesis Care Ministries Day 16: Mar 14 Genesis Children’s    Ministries
Day 17: Mar 16 Genesis Youth            Ministries Day 18: Mar 17 Genesis Music          Ministries Day 19: Mar 18 Vision 2030 /             Cornerstone Day 20: Mar 19 Your Pathway to       Discipleship
Day 21: Mar 20 Military Day 22: Mar 21 Our Country’s Leaders Day 23: Mar 23 Other Countries Day 24: Mar 24 Kingswood Elementary
Day 25: Mar 25 Orphans Day  26: Mar 26 Widowed persons Day 27: Mar 27 Those with disabilities Day 28: Mar 28 Homebound
Day 29: Mar 30 Those who are ill Day 30: Mar 31 Persecuted Christians Day 31: Apr 1 People who do not know Jesus Day 32: Apr 2 Environment /               Creation Care
Day 33: Apr 3 Food / Nourishment Day 34: Apr 4 Stewardship Day 35: Apr 6 Guidance Day 36: Apr 7 Hope
Day 37: Apr 8 Peace Day 38: Apr 9 Reconciliation Day 39: Apr 10 Forgiveness Day 40: Apr 11 Courage