An Update from Dorcas Ministries

An Update from Dorcas Ministries

Dorcas Ministries is a Mission Partner of Genesis UMC.

Hello Dorcas Community!

Wow. It’s truly amazing how much good there is to celebrate each month! As always, I want to thank you for your support. Whether you volunteer, give financially, donate to the Thrift Shop and/or Food pantry, shop with us, show up for us on social media, or share all things Dorcas with your friends and family … in whatever way you support us – THANK YOU! You are helping us fulfill our mission to help area residents move from crisis to self-sufficiency. This could not and would not happen without you!

Dorcas continues to be tremendously blessed by unprecedented growth! The Thrift Shop is receiving more donations than ever before, which has generated more revenue and allowed us to provide more financial assistance than ever before. Our Client Services team is receiving more requests for assistance than ever before, and because our customers and donors are so amazing, we’ve been able to say “yes” to those requests this year! That’s incredible!

The Dorcas Family continues to grow as well! As of early May, we now have over 700 fantastic volunteers working so hard to support everything happening at Dorcas. They work across our entire organization – in the Thrift Shop, Crisis Center, Career Coaching, Food Pantry, community classes, local advocacy efforts, and more. Even with all of our amazing volunteers, there is still much to be done. We’ve also hired more staff to help continue to meet the needs of our organization as we continue to grow. It’s a blessing to provide jobs in our community as well! 

It’s a privilege and honor to serve alongside each of you, and I’m so proud to lead this amazing organization that continues to lead the way in service to our community. 


André N. Anthony (he/him)
Chief Executive Officer

Reprinted with permission from the Dorcas May 2023 Newsletter “The Thread”