Book Drive November 18

Book Drive November 18

Long Branch Elementary school in Lumberton lost their entire library in Hurricane Florence.

The Fairway District is hosting a book drive on Sunday November 18th. We challenge every family to bring 1 new book with them to church that day. These books will go to Long Branch to help them rebuild their library.

Each Genesis family is asked to bring 1 NEW FICTION book for Grades 3-5 on Sunday, November 18.

Other churches in our district will be filling needs according to the following guide:

  • Churches A-F= Grades 3-5 Nonfiction
  • Churches G-N= Grades 3-5 Fiction
  • Churches O-R= Grades K-2 Fiction
  • Churches S-Z= Grades K-2 Nonfiction

Thank you for responding to this challenge to bring 1 book per family! Blessings to you all!