C4C : Kingswood Elementary 2020-21

C4C : Kingswood Elementary 2020-21

Genesis UMC adopted Kingswood Elementary school in Cary, NC several years ago as our Congregations for Children (C4C) school.

Genesis supported Kingswood Elementary in the 2020-2021 school year by donating Walmart and Food Lion gift cards for their Feeding Friends program. The cards were given to families who are food insecure.

We provided 22 bags of food which were distributed at Genesis UMC in December to families identified by the staff at Kingswood. Each bag contained canned and dried goods as well as chocolate and a grocery gift card.

We are helping with the relocation and expansion of their feeding program, now located at Reedy Creek Middle School. Our volunteers helped test out the new safe packing system.

Genesis volunteers “adopted” all 27 teachers at Kingswood and are blessing them with encouraging notes and small gifts throughout the school year.

We provided a luncheon in the fall and spring for the entire staff at Kingswood and gave each staff member a Panera gift card as a welcome back gift in January.

Due to COVID-19, we were not able to do our regular tutoring help this year but look forward to returning to see the students in the fall.

I received several responses from the NC UMC Conference staff who were collecting these reports. All were just so thankful for the ways Genesis has stepped up to love on the Kingswood community! Thank you so much, Genesis congregation, for your support, from those who have adopted teachers to those who continue to give generously through your tithes and gifts, which allow us to do so many wonderful things. I am blessed to be a part of this awesome family of God!

Michele Hundley