Call to Worship by Seyun Hwang

Call to Worship by Seyun Hwang

Pastor Seyun blessed us on August 13, 2023 with a sermon based on Matthew 14:22-33 titled “Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus”. Here is the Call to Worship written by Pastor Seyun for the Worship Service.

A Call to Worship by Pastor Seyun Hwang

Leader: Into waters uncharted,
we are called to sail.
Though storms may surround,
God’s love shall not fail.

People: In waves and in tides,
in fear’s gripping night,
we turn our eyes to Jesus,
our Savior and our Light.

Leader: Like Peter, uncertain,
on water we stand,
yet His voice calls us closer,
“Take Heart!” “It is I!” “Come!”

People: Baptized in the mystery,
salvation we find,
though our faith often wavers,
with Christ, we’re upheld.

Leader: Trust in the Lord,
embrace the unknown,
with eyes upon Jesus,
His love is our sign.

People: So, in faith, let’s embark,
with Christ as our Guide,
across stormy waters,
His hand at our side.

All: Let’s sing! Praise to the Lord,
the Son and the Word!
On the waves of love and grace,
we have naught to fear.