Adults Live their Faith

Adults Live their Faith



Adults can live their faith by:

– Incorporating daily practices of faith in their home, a daily prayer at meals, simple prayers here  devotions in the morning or evening, a bible App on your phone you will check daily bible app suggestions here

-Celebrating Christian holidays and creating traditions for you to have or to share with your children or friends

-Celebrating what God has given you and your family. Sending up special prayers of thanksgiving for what you have received from God.

-Here are ways Genesis can help you live your faith…

As an adult of faith living your faith daily is what God enjoys seeing. He has given us so many wonderful opportunities to live faith in our daily lives. Prayerfully consider how you can show your faith in God.

-Join a group at church: adult education class, disciple class, ladies’ or men’s bible study


-Adults can serve as an Adult education leader or do a devotion or prayer in your weekly class

-Be a teacher or an assistant with the children’s program or youth program, by leading monthly or weekly or supplying snacks for their events. LINKS HERE

-Train to be a Stephen’s minister LINKS HERE

-Volunteer for the prayer Ministry LINKS HERE

-Simple acts of kindness…in a world that can be hard sometimes the simplest things show God’s love. Give a smile to the cashier or waiter, hold the door for someone, push your cart back for the store, ask how people are doing. Call your friend, neighbor, loved one, or senior person in your life.

-write a note to someone to show you are thinking of them.

Take the next step…challenge yourself to take on something new to Grow, Share, or Live God’s word.