Endowments Ministry

Endowments Ministry

The Endowment Fund of Genesis United Methodist Church is a perpetual fund established by the church in September, 2016. The Endowment Fund is intended for projects and programs above and beyond the church’s established programs. Only the income (not the principal) of the Fund can be spent.

Why do we need an Endowment fund?

Genesis UMC is continuing to expand its mission and ministry, and the Endowment enables our church to continue its ministry outreach.  Here are a few examples that an Endowment Fund can do to further our essential mission of Serving Others:

  • Establish emergency food programs for local community food pantries
  • Sponsor children to attend Conference camps
  • Provide scholarships for needy children to attend our Preschool
  • Maintain and improve our church grounds and facilities
  • Provide grants to worthy church-related or community charities

What are the purposes of the Endowment fund?

Gifts to the Endowment may be designated to any of the following categories:

  • Mission Fund—for missions in and beyond the local church and community
  • General Endowment Fund—for emerging special needs determined by the church leadership
  • Capital Improvement Fund—for improvement and construction of the grounds and facilities
  • Other Ministries—scholarships, memorials, etc

Why should I give?

Simply put, God has blessed each of us. A gift to the Endowment Fund is a gift that multiplies, and will continue to grow and serve the ministry of the Church for generations to come.

How do I find out more information?

For more information about the Endowment Program, or to discuss a potential Endowment gift, please call the church office, 919-467-2128, or you can contact the chair of the Endowment Committee.

More information can also be found online at: https://umf-nc.giftlegacy.com/

Contact the Endowments Chair