Five Wishes

Five Wishes

Making medical and end-of-life decisions for a loved one creates much stress on families, especially when the loved one cannot express their wishes.

Genesis Care Ministries encourages you to use a valuable tool that addresses this. It is a booklet called Five Wishes. The Five Wishes booklet gives you a way to control how you are treated if you get seriously ill or are not able to make decisions for yourself. You can express your personal, emotional, and spiritual needs, as well as your medical wishes.

Jim Towey, founder of Aging with Dignity developed the Five Wishes document. Jim was legal counsel to Mother Teresa for many years prior.

The Five Wishes document is easy to complete and lets you say exactly how you want to be treated. Once notarized, it is valid in the state of North Carolina and most of the U.S.

By detailing your wishes, you are giving a gift to your family. You are taking the ownership of those decisions off their shoulders by owning it yourself.

Pick up a Five Wishes booklet at Genesis in the Koinonia Place or contact Kim Kligerman to receive a copy.