Genesis Christian Preschool News

Genesis Christian Preschool News

Preschool has a busy month planned for November.  We will be talking about being thankful along with taking care of the bodies God has given us.  We are excited to have Pirouette Dance visit us for a field trip to go along with our Fitness and Fun theme for the month.

Staff will have a workshop to help us better incorporate engaging Bible stories for our ethnically diverse student population.  We have 120 students, many coming from different countries.

A note from the Transitional Kindergarten class

On Tuesday a little boy wasn’t feeling very well and had pain in his belly. Walking back from the playground a little girl said “I said a prayer for him to feel better.” We went back to class and he laid down to rest until his mom came to get him. She said she wanted to pray for him again so I called everybody over for circle and she stood in front of the group and prayed her own prayer!! Everyone stood eyes closed and said amen when she was done.

“Dear God,  Please be with my friend and let his belly feel better.  Amen”

The teachers said they almost cried because it was incredibly touching as she took the initiative to pray.