Genesis Prayer Focus: Back to School

Genesis Prayer Focus: Back to School

Join in prayer for Back to School 2020-2021.

Dear God our heavenly father,

We pray at the beginning of the 2020-2021 school year for all students, families, teachers, coaches, mentors, supporting staff and school leaders.

  • May the Lord be with our kids to bring peace to their anxieties, 
    worries, and fears generated by this lack of normalcy. May He comfort 
    them when they feel socially isolated from their friends and other 
    significant adults in their lives like teachers, coaches, and mentors.
  • May the Lord be with their parents, grant them patience and wisdom to 
    navigate the challenges to come. May they grow closer to God in faith 
    in order to have hope. May parents teach their children how to walk 
    with faith and hope in uncertain times trusting God walks with us.
  • May we as a society respond to help those children who by not 
    attending school find themselves in a food-insecure situation or in 
    all kinds of abusive situations. May God help us reach out to them for 
    whatever they need for their well-being physically, emotionally, and 
  • May God protect and guide all teachers while they face difficult 
    career challenges. May He grow them in their abilities and vocations, 
    and keep them safe and healthy. May we as a society learn to 
    appreciate and protect teachers as valuable, essential human resources 
    for the development of a just society.
  • May God be with school staff: cafeteria employees, janitors, 
    librarians, bus drivers, admin staff; as they face job uncertainties 
    due to the crisis.
  • May God be with principals, the board of educators, and other 
    authorities involved in the planning and logistics of our schools. May 
    He grant them wisdom and courage to make decisions for the benefit and 
    safety of children, teachers, and our community.

In Christ’s name, Amen.