Genesis Prayer Focus: Genesis Vision and Core Values

Genesis Prayer Focus: Genesis Vision and Core Values

Please join in the corporate focus prayer on Genesis Vision and Core Values from the Genesis Prays meeting. Thank you to our lay leader Danny O’Byrne.

Dear Almighty and Loving God,

Thank you for this day.

Thank you for revealing yourself through the presence of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and through His teachings. You taught us to live to love everyone; you, ourselves and those around us. You instructed us to teach this love to others. We, Genesis UMC, this family of believers, accept your teaching and instruction and have embedded them in our vision and core values.

These are simple concepts. However, we acknowledge that we make them difficult. We make our love conditional on the basis of shared race, shared culture, like thinking or some other criteria. What do you say? There were no conditions with Your great commandment or commission. In fact, our diversity is a gift from You that allows our humanity to adapt and thrive.

Please guide us on our spiritual walk; help us become the disciple that we need to become so that we can be a true Christian example to others, to walk the talk. Can we achieve this? We are broken. We are flawed. This doesn’t require perfection. You don’t expect perfection. You do expect sincerity of effort and humility in action.

We can’t take our spiritual walk alone. We need to lean on our faith community to develop our discipleship muscle. Help us to accept this help and to share our support for others on their walk.

Thank you for loving us, for forgiving us, and for helping us every step of the way.


Danny O’Byrne, Genesis Lay Leader