Genesis Prayer Focus: Racial Healing

Genesis Prayer Focus: Racial Healing

UMC Global Board of Discipleship is inviting United Methodists everywhere to join in prayer daily towards racial healing and is providing daily prayers and other resources.

Let us go to God in prayer for racial healing in our nation, communities, and within our own hearts.

Dear God,

We implore you to open our hearts and minds each day to the actions and inactions that wound your children. We have not been the glorious reflection of your love for all God’s children. Forgive us for the sin of racial injustice. Guide our thoughts, words, and deeds so that they will be pleasing to you and honor each of your creations.

We see throughout the whole of creation that you love variety. Teach us to love people, whom you have formed in your very own hands, that look different from us. Let us not be afraid of one another. Give us the words to speak with one another justly and kindly. Let us not quarrel with one another.

Give us the ability to choose actions that do no harm mentally, spiritually, or physically. Let us recognize the divine spark you have placed within each of your children and honor it daily. Give us love, so that it crashes over us, wave upon wave upon our dry and withered souls. We thirst for more of you. Give us the courage to speak out against injustice daily. Let us stand for iniquity no more.

Glorious God, we thank and praise you for all you have done and all that you will do. With every fiber of our being, let us belong to you and love you more fully. Amen.

Carol Ann Smolka, Worship Staff, Discipleship Ministries, July 2020.

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