GenesisPrays: Using Our Gifts to Serve One Another

GenesisPrays: Using Our Gifts to Serve One Another

Ephesians 2:10 says, “For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works.”  As we, though many, are ONE body in Christ, and we are called and equipped for service. 

God speak to us in prayer this evening and help us to listen with our hearts and be open to what you are saying to us. 

What a gift it is to serve to honor and glorify Your name, Lord.  But, we have not been obedient.  We have been in our own heads and hearts.  Free us from our self-centeredness and our busyness.  Release us from our distractions and our fears.  Take our hand Lord and lead us in ways to serve You and one another.   

We pray that the giver of all our gifts equips us to reach out and serve.  We are grateful that You not only equip us but You fill us with opportunities to serve.  May we be quiet enough to hear Your voice and Your calling during these times when life is chaotic, loud, uncertain and even scary.  When we feel weak, You are our strength.  When we feel burdened, You lift us up.  Break down the barriers when we feel we have nothing to give or offer.  Help us to walk in faith and not fear as we serve others at our church, our work, our community, our neighborhood and our families.  May we be attentive to poor and the vulnerable.  Give us compassion and sensitivity to others.  Be our anchor as we reach out to those in need; keep us grounded and humble, for it is Your good works through us.

Lord, give us a heart for service to change the world, a heart like Jesus.  

Holy Spirit, move us to use our gifts to serve others, Amen


Prayer written by Kelly Siger