January Sermon Series

January Sermon Series

Fixed Focus

When a camera boasts the feature called fixed focus, it means that the lens is automatically able to identify and zero in on the subject of the photograph, ensuring that this one object is sharper and clearer than everything else in the image. If you have a phone, you’ve no doubt seen this technology in action.

It’s the same with an effective, productive life. Those who live well are able to fix their focus on what really matters, making the most worthwhile goals and objectives sharper and clearer than the rest.

This series, Fixed Focus challenges every Christian to fix their focus on that which matters most in life: serving Jesus above all else, seeking to do his will, and loving others as he has loved us — each and every day of our lives.

Join us in worship January 5, 12, 19, 26 at Alive @ 9 or 11:20 a.m.