Journeying through Grief

Journeying through Grief

One of Genesis Congregational Care Ministries is Journeying through Grief, a simple yet powerful way to care for people who are grieving the loss of a loved one. Journeying through Grief is a set of four short books that at are sent to people at four crucial times during the first year after the loss of a loved one. Each book is sent with a personal letter.

The books are written by author Kenneth C. Haugk, founder of Stephen Ministries. Dr. Haughk writes in a warm, caring style, with short, easy-to-read chapters. He walks alongside the reader through the grief journey, sharing helpful insights about grief, biblical truths, and stories that provide comfort and reassurance.

Four Books at Four Crucial Times

Book 1: A Time to Grieve . . . sent 3 weeks after the loss

Book 2: Experiencing Grief . . . sent 3 months after the loss

Book 3: Finding Hope and Healing . . . sent 6 months after the loss

Book 4: Rebuilding and Remembering . . . sent 11 months after the loss

Each book focuses on what the person is likely to be experiencing at that point in grief—offering understanding, empathy, compassion, and hope.

Genesis Congregational Care Ministries sends these books to grieving people—members and nonmembers—in the congregation and community.

In the following video, a sender of the Journeying through Grief books tells about how the books have touched her life and the lives of those she’s shared them with.

This ministry began at Genesis in August 2016.  19 complete sets of books have been sent to date, and much appreciation has been received from the recipients.

If you would like to receive these resources or become involved in this ministry, contact Kim Kligerman,