Let’s Pray Daily at 3:16 pm (John 3:16)

Let’s Pray Daily at 3:16 pm (John 3:16)

In times like this how can we BE the church? It’s as simple as prayer. How wonderful that God has given us a binding thing that we can all touch each other and be close to God with something powerful …prayer. With this in mind and in honor of the verse John 3:16 every day we ask the people of Genesis to pray at 3:16 pm and know we, as a congregation, are uniting, supporting, loving, and caring for one another!

It can be as simple as the wonderful Lord’s Prayer.

It can be something for times we are in…

P-People in your life…. family, friends, neighbors, and your church family.


Police, firefighters, EMT, service men and women, and leaders at the church and leaders of our country.

A-All the children….

Who are concerned and wondering why things are different, and for their parents who have to answer hard questions and love them through this time.

Y-Your health care workers who are now asked to do a task that will be overwhelming.

We hope joining together at this time brings you peace that although we are apart we are together and one with God!

We will be posting devotions so you have place to find inspiration during this time. We would like the congregation to be involved. If you have an inspiring devotion, song, video or Bible verse to share please send it to staff@genesis-umc.org.

Peace and blessings to you all!

Pam Smith, co-director of Adult Ministries

Philippians 4:6-7