Missions Update

Missions Update

Greetings Genesis Church Family,

While the pandemic has prevented us from meeting in person, the Mission efforts at Genesis have been able to continue thanks to your generosity in giving.

The Mission Advisory Team wanted to send you an update on what our church has been doing in our community since our last update at the end of April.  We know that many of you have been loving on the community through your small groups and other mission opportunities, but we wanted to make sure you were aware of what has been happening with our mission partners that we support through the Mission budget.  There is also a request for help with our Hats mission included as well!

Chatham Commons – We prepared and dropped off goody bags twice for the staff. Thanks to the Preschool for helping with this effort.

Dorcas Ministries – We sent an additional $2,000 to assist our neighbors in need as more people are requesting support and resources. We have also set up a Dorcas Ministries category on our easy tithe app which allows the opportunity to send money through the Church to Dorcas.

Hats for Duke – The February and March cutting sessions were cancelled due to weather and the pandemic respectively. The completed hats on hand have not yet been delivered due to current restrictions. However, we have the supplies to make more and could use some help. This material is not suitable for masks so we kept it for the hats. If anyone is able to assist us with cutting and sewing, please contact Olwyn.Oxenham@gmail.com. We can arrange to get the materials to you in a non-contact manner.

HIBS (Honduras) – We sent $3,000 to help a number of both students and staff who now need financial assistance based on COVID-19. As you recall, our trip was cancelled for this year and these funds will allow education to continue without interruption.

Kingswood Elementary School We made sure that each teacher, in our Adopt – A – Teacher Program, received an E-Gift card or one final in-person gift as they were wrapping up the academic year and cleaning out their classrooms.

The Carying Place – We sent $500 to purchase grocery and gas cards for those they serve.

The MAT wants to thank you for your continued generosity so that we are able to continue blessing our mission partners even through this pandemic!  Thanks so much for all you do for God’s kingdom work in Cary and beyond!!!

In Christ,
Genesis United Methodist Church
Missions Advisory Team