National Day of Prayer

National Day of Prayer

Today, May 4, 2023, is the National Day of Prayer. Join together with our nation in praying for the Body of Christ.

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God, You are our Father, our Savior and the Holy Spirit that guides us,

Thank you for sending Jesus to establish the church so we may continue the work He began on Earth. Christ’s ministry established a lifestyle of caring for needs, praying in relationship with the Father, and sharing the Gospel message of salvation.

  • God, use Your Church as a beacon of light and joy to a world that is searching for answers
  • Jesus, give your pastors keen wisdom and insight that is in tune with your Spirit so they would never lose sight of the mission of Your Church
  • Lord, open hearts in the church to care for people outside the church, to be praying for them and to become visibly and tangibly concerned and helping them in needs and struggles
  • Bring a focus for exalting You above all else, to pastors, church staff, volunteers and lay leaders
  • Stir the Holy Spirit among the body to actively participate in discipling one another in Scripture
  • Father, burden the Church with urgency to share the Gospel with passion and the power of the Spirit
  • Remind us to eagerly look for ways to use our time, talents, and treasures to build up the Body of Christ

We make these requests in the name of Jesus Christ,