Prayer Calendar – December 2023

Prayer Calendar – December 2023

Prayer is powerful! Harness the power of prayer by being focused and intentional. Prayer is simply a conversation with God. It is a way to communicate your praise, your needs, the needs of others, and to thank God for all He has done and will do.

Adapt a pattern for your prayers, and prayer will come easier. Max Lucado provides an outline for a simple prayer in his book Before Amen*: “Father, You are good. I need help. They need help, Thank you. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”

This month, try following Max Lucado’s outline to establish a rhythm in your prayer life. Use the December prayer calendar to focus on the needs of others.

Draw Near to God and He will draw near to you. James 4:8

Prayer, John Wesley said, “is the grand means of drawing near to God”; it is “the breath of our spiritual life” (NT Notes, I Thes. 5:16). The focus of prayer is not on our requests, however urgent, but on God. Prayer is how we remain in communication with God and grow in our relationship with God. – John Welsey

* Max Lucado’s Before Amen study is available on Right Now Media.