Prayer Focus: Children’s Ministries

Prayer Focus: Children’s Ministries

We humbly come bowing before You, Lord, with thanksgiving and praise, for Your power gives us a renewed strength.  Your grace brings us through the toughest of times, calming the storms that rage. You offer wisdom, understanding and counsel to us.  May we meditate on the word and speak it into truth.  Hear our prayer, oh Lord.

Patient and loving God, we acknowledge and regret that during the past few years, we have drifted away from You, Your presence and Your word.  With the chaos of what was happening in the world, a global pandemic, bitter political division, racial unrest and hateful evil violence, we have wanted and needed distractions.  We have used social media, video games, tv and movies to disengage and to enter into a world of individualism, where we focus on our own needs/wants/desires instead of You.  Now we are left with a world that is anxious, angry and afraid.  We have suffered, our families have suffered and our children have suffered.  BUT, You have been with us the whole time; calling us, wanting us, caring for us…

God, You are our Father; You first loved us and that is why we love.  We as earthly parents welcome Your children into our homes with all of love and responsibility to teach, cherish and lead them to eternal life.  Children are a heritage from You, Lord.  So today, we pray Lord, that You work through us, in spite of us, in our lives and in our families’ lives.  Bind us as one, and help us train up our children, so they will not depart from the beautiful relationship they have with You.  May we remain bold in our quest for a relationship with You.  May we be brave in our pursuit to help our children develop a relationship with You.  We have a place to grow that relationship; the seed has been planted right here at Genesis. 

We pray for the Genesis BOLT Ministries led by Liliana Mariano.  Lord, we pray for wisdom for her and that she may not grow weary in doing good.  May she seek council and guidance from the Holy Spirit to do Your will.  We thank you for her steadfast leadership in the children’s ministry and thank You that this is a place where discipleship can flourish.  Lord, we fervently pray for the growth of BOLT ministry.

We fervently pray for the parents to make church a priority. We pray that the BOLT ministry reaches, engages and retains families that are excited to learn and volunteer so that they may know how to disciple their children at home.  We fervently pray that the hearts of parents will yearn for activities that promote spiritual nurturing.  We fervently pray that families will fill their Sunday mornings with the Lord’s word and the Lord’s work.  We fervently pray that the seed be planted for our children and that it may grow immeasurably. 

Lord, hear our prayer and may it be so, Amen.

Prayer written by Kelly Sigler