Prayer Focus: College Students

Prayer Focus: College Students

Gracious Heavenly Father,

You are the source of all knowledge and truth.  We thank you for blessing us every day with the opportunity to learn more about you and your incredible creation.  All glory is yours.

Father, today we come together to pray for college students.  We lift up in prayer all of the students who have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.  We ask you to be with those who are stressed because of social-isolation, loneliness, and uncertainty.  Be with those suffering from financial hardship, depression, and anxiety.  We pray for those who are suffering academically because of lack of access to professors or adequate technology.  Loving God, give them your peace to strengthen and sustain them.  Give them the courage to seek the right help and support they need.  Comfort them with the power of your unfailing love.   Keep them healthy and safe, and remind them to take precautions to keep themselves, their friends and loved ones safe from the virus.

Heavenly Father, we trust in you and your perfect timing.  We ask that you would heal our world, stop the spread of this virus, and that you would continue to bless these students as they return back to campus and throughout their college years.

Father, we are thankful that every good gift comes from you, and that you have already blessed these students with unique skills, gifts and abilities.  Guide the students to discover and develop these gifts.  Empower them with motivation, enthusiasm and focus to work hard in their studies.  Provide them with wisdom in choosing classes, majors, internships, and careers.  Guide them to find the best path to prepare them for the purpose you have for them.  Remind them to take care of themselves, to eat well, and sleep well, and help them learn how to manage time and priorities.

Loving Father, we know you are a relational God, and good relationships are key to fulfilling your commandment to love God, and love others as ourselves.  We ask that you surround the students with friends that will be positive influences and draw them closer to you.  Encourage them to be kind and generous friends to others.  Protect them in their dating relationships.  Send them good mentors that will encourage them to excel in their fields and to reflect the character of Christ.  Help them to appreciate the love and care they receive from their families as they are growing in their independence, and help their families give the students the space and understanding they need to grow.

Heavenly Father, college life can be so challenging to the faith of Christian students.  When college material, professors or other students challenge their beliefs, grant them wisdom to discern your truth.  We pray that they will be secure in their faith and will be confident and courageous in sharing their faith with others.   Bless them with friends and church communities that will support and encourage them in their faith.  Give them a passion for your Word so that it will guide them and comfort them.  Open their eyes to see all the ways you are at work around them, so they are conscious of your presence and love, and develop hearts of gratitude and joy.

Almighty God, we ask that you protect college students from spiritual attacks of fear, doubt and temptation.   When the world tells them they are not good enough, smart enough, popular enough, beautiful enough, etc, help them to remember you love them just as they are.  Help them find their identity, self-worth and satisfaction in you.  Help them to stand up to peer pressure and protect them from evil.  Cover them with your grace Lord, so if they drift away, your unfailing love and forgiveness will draw them back to you.  God of peace, guard their hearts and minds.  Help them think on things that are true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent or praiseworthy (Philippians 4:8), so that they can have peace with you through whatever they face.

In Christ’s name we pray,


written by Kelly Milburn, Genesis member