Prayer Focus: Genesis Christian Preschool

Prayer Focus: Genesis Christian Preschool

Gracious and Holy God,

Help us to move through this time of uncertainty and chaos and continue our walk with You.  Give us discernment and guidance, hold us in the palm of your hand.  Help us remember we are Your children. 

“Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” Matthew 19:14

We come together as one to pray for the preschool, an outreach ministry of Genesis…where we teach children about the world You created, planting seeds of faith that grow in each area of a child’s education.  We invite all children to learn about your precious son, Jesus. We pray that every child in our preschool feels his/her unique strengths, interests, gifts and personality guided by Your word and teachings.      

We ask for strength and renewal as the preschool rebuilds following COVID.  Genesis Christian Preschool is actively taking registrations for the next school year.  Dear Lord, we pray for a breakthrough, that families in our community will come and fill all registration slots at Genesis Christian Preschool. We anticipate welcoming families with excitement to see what You are doing here at Genesis.

May the borders of this building be a haven for the children.  We fervently ask for the safety of all…staff, children, and parents. We are grateful for the families that entrust their children in the care of the staff at Genesis Christian Preschool.  We pray all families remain diligent inside and outside of their own homes in order to protect everyone. For the children who are unable to attend during COVID, we pray for their families and their well-being.

We pray for the teachers who make the daily lives of the children more normal and happier.  We pray for their physical and spiritual wellbeing.  Guide and protect them as they encounter additional requirements and protocols to keep everyone safe.  Give them a spirit of joyful purpose in knowing it is Your work they are doing.

We pray for our director, Marilyn, who has been faithfully opening and closing the preschool during a pandemic and major construction.  We lift up the school board and Genesis staff. We thank You for those who have served the preschool and pray for renewal of their spirit.  We thank You for past and current directors, staff, and teachers, who have been planting seeds so that the word of God may deepen and grow within each child.   

We thank you Lord for the expansion of the new children’s wing. We pray that it may spread your Word in our community in ways beyond what we are able to imagine.  We ask for a hedge of protection and safety for those who are constructing the building.  We ask that their hands be blessed. 

We pray that the preschool, through the direction of Marilyn, the board, the preschool staff and Genesis staff continue to be a place where children can begin their faith journey, become disciples of Jesus Christ, and reflect Your light into the world. 

We pray all of this in your son Jesus’ name, Amen

Written by Kelly Sigler, Genesis UMC member