Prayer Focus: Unemployment and Availability of Jobs and Income

Prayer Focus: Unemployment and Availability of Jobs and Income

Gracious Heavenly father.  Holy and living God.  We praise you and seek your presence.  We rejoice in your steadfastness!  Oh. How abundant are the good things that you have stored up for those who take refuge in you.

We pray for all your children in these uncertain times of pandemic and health crisis.  Enter our circumstances, confusion, worries, sorrows and financial troubles.  We give thanks for the Holy Spirit constantly working in us.  We ask you to send forth your Spirit to raise up prayer and intercession for everyone seeking employment or struggling with finances. 

Lord Most High, we ask that you strengthen and protect those that have been affected by financial setbacks or job loss.  We come before you offering our prayers on behalf of those in need of employment and income in our congregation and throughout the world. 

Give us your divine help and guidance that all may prosper according to your will. 

God, our Father, we turn to you seeking your guidance as we depend on your grace. Lord, through your Holy Wisdom, may we find answers to questions that arise and decisions we face.  Lead us as we go down these roads of uncertainty and separation.  We know that work is your gift to us that enables us to shine your light in this world.  Let us be assured and know that we are essential workers.  Guide our pathways, and lead us to use the gifts and talents you have given us.  Bless this work by which we provide for our families.  Allow us to return to you each day with joy and thanksgiving for your assistance.  We know that with you all things are possible. 

Lord even with all the good work you are accomplishing in us, we struggle.  Each day brings new questions and surprises.  We fear for ourselves and our families.  Replace these fears with your peace. 

Our nation continues to be blessed by your hand.  But we have sinned and we do not always hear and trust your Holy Word.  It is easy to place our attention on ourselves and the world.  We have been selfish and prideful.  We have not always loved our neighbor.  Change our ways and make us your people again.  Turn animosity into kindness.  Turn unrest into cooperation.  Guard this nation and the economy.  Bring us to light, redemption and revival.   

Dear Lord Jesus, we ask for your mercy, again.  We come to you now to ask you to strengthen and protect our families, this church and all your children.  Return us to serving others that all may be comforted by your mighty hand.  Keep us in the shadow of your mercy.

Let us receive life and all the grace we need this day.  We ask you to restore us and sustain us.    End this time of isolation.  We each offer our spirit, soul, heart, mind and will.  We honor you as our Lord, and we surrender our lives to you.  Strengthen us, protect us, and help us to know your will. 

May all find comfort knowing that nothing can separate us from your love in Christ Jesus our Lord.  AMEN.

written by Tony and Jean McCullough, Genesis members