Prayer Focus: Veterans

Prayer Focus: Veterans

Heavenly Father,

Today we honor our veterans.  We come before you in thanksgiving for the men and women who serve and have served in all branches of the US military.   Thank you for the brave soldiers who died in service to our country.  Comfort their families as only you can.   Remind us to rise up and support the widows and children they left behind.    

Holy Spirit, we ask that you comfort, guard, and guide active military personnel.  Shield them from danger and bring them safely home.   Keep their families safe from hurt and harm.  

Almighty God, help us to make every veteran feel honored and appreciated.   Touch our hearts regularly so that no one feels neglected or forgotten.  Work in our national, state, and local leaders to build, maintain, and fund programs that assure health, community, and prosperity for our veterans.  We ask that you abundantly reward these courageous people who sacrificed much to protect our nation and our freedoms.   Give them wisdom, strength, and blessings beyond measure.    May their service time and loyalty be richly rewarded.   

Within our Genesis congregation, we ask your special blessing on the following veterans, plus any whose names we have missed:

 Jennifer CodyTim DownesDave Gardener
 Andy HertelDon HillerHoward Lem
 Ed MillerDianne StantonBob Thompson
Rob NighBill Smith

Sustainer of life, bring healing to those who have fought and now bear physical and emotional scars.   Help them to overcome personal and professional obstacles.  Put them in places where they are with others who have some understanding of their experiences.    Grant patience and wisdom to their families and loved ones.   Hover outside and within them so they never feel isolated or alone.   Provide them with your peace that passes all understanding.  [Philippians 4:7]   Bring them to full health, stability, and wholeness.   Connect with them in a personal way so the peace of Christ rules in their hearts, and they know you are God.   [Colossians 3:15]

Lord, you are our Everlasting Light.  Be the Good Shepherd for our veterans every day, making known to them the path of life and giving them fullness of joy in your presence, now and forevermore.  [Psalm 16:11]

In Jesus Christ’s name, we pray.


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