Prayer for Dorcas Ministries

Prayer for Dorcas Ministries

Today, the focus of Genesis Prays is Dorcas Ministries and those in our community whom they serve. Please join us in prayer.

Most Gracious Heavenly Father,

With all of our being, we exclaim, “Who is like you Lord?”   For you rescue the poor from those too strong for them.  You secure justice for them and uphold the cause of the needy.   We humbly ask that you bestow blessings upon Dorcas Ministries and the many people who support their mission to provide compassionate assistance to area residents, empowering people to become stable and self-sufficient.   We thank you for the many businesses and church partners who for over 50 years have supported this ministry, across many different denominations, races, and backgrounds.

We ask that you give wisdom and guidance to leaders of Dorcas Ministries and those on the front-line who served over 34,000 people in Cary and Morrisville last year, assisting them with food, job readiness training, finding jobs, and financial help with rent, utilities, childcare, medical bills, tuition, and transportation expenses. 

We pray for all who come to Dorcas to give and receive, that they would see and feel the love of Christ in all they encounter. Bless both the givers and the receivers of this ministry.  May every person who enters Dorcas doors be blessed with an outpouring of your love. 

Lord, we lift up the staff and volunteers at Dorcas.  We ask you give each worker the ability to see Your hand in their service—that they can see the results of Your work through them.  In every working day, grant more patience, tolerance, understanding and compassion of staff and volunteers toward each other.  Continually unify all workers toward the greater calling of the Dorcas mission of service, over self, so Dorcas can meet the great challenge presented by increased donations, customers and, on the other end, clients.   Help each person to have a servant’s heart.

Thank you, Lord, for calling and gifting each person who gives and serves at Dorcas.   We lift up the following prayers for individuals in active service:

  • For the staff and volunteers in the Food Pantry, physical strength to do the labor of sorting and stocking the pantry shelves and spiritual strength to listen and offer a kind word of reassurance to shoppers in the Food Pantry.
  • For the staff and volunteers in the Crisis Center, the strength and wisdom to listen to the pain and struggle of those facing eviction and homelessness. 
  • For the staff and volunteers in the training center, energy and wisdom to listen and inspire those who come for classes and coaching.
  • For the staff and volunteers in the thrift shop, the physical strength to do the hard work of sorting, pricing, and stocking the shelves so that others may have access to an affordable means of purchasing needed items
  • For cashiers in the thrift shop, physical strength to stay on their feet and mental strength to do the work correctly, all while offering a smile, encouraging words, and a listening ear to the many shoppers they encounter each day
  • For workers on the loading dock, physical strength and energy to load and unload goods while maintaining an ambassador spirit to the many people they encounter
  • For all staff and volunteers, protect their health and keep them safe from colds, the flu, COVID, and other germs that so easily spread when working with many people

Heavenly Father, more and more people are coming for food and pantry stock is running low.   Move in the hearts of our congregation so that we have more Genesis Food Pantry Volunteers for the 1st, 3rd, and 5th Saturdays of every month.  Nudge shoppers in grocery stores to buy extra for the Food Pantry – or start a regular Amazon delivery.   Stir up the hearts of people of all ages to host a Food Drive for Dorcas.

There is a dramatic increase in client requests for help at Dorcas.   We see that the harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few.   Lord, ignite a fire in the hearts of people to serve – to roll up their sleeves and give their time to support this ministry.  Rain down new people who will join forces with the staff and existing volunteers to make a difference in the lives of others.    Bring rest to staff exhausted serving the high demand of need during the pandemic.   Help clients find employment and affordable housing.  Lead the right person to join Dorcas as a client case manager.

Finally, we pray that you would speak to the people in our community during the November month-long virtual fundraiser.   Inspire them to support Dorcas in multiple ways.  Open up the floodgates of heaven and provide bountifully for the remaining months in 2021 and for the coming year in 2022.   Pour out a blessing without measure until it overflows on givers, volunteers, staff, and clients of Dorcas.

Hallelujah!    We praise you, Almighty God, in glad adoration for prospering the work at Dorcas Ministries to lift up and aid our neighbors in need.  Thank you for the opportunity to serve.

In Christ’s Name we pray, Amen.

Prayer written by Linda Binkley with input from

  • Jill Straight, Director of Client Services at Dorcas Ministries
  • Ellen Frazier, Marketing & Volunteer Manager at Dorcas Ministries
  • Mark Helwig, Director of Operations at Dorcas Ministries
  • Stephanie Davis-Potts, Co-Manager of Dorcas Thrift Shop
  • Genesis members:
    • Missy Inglis
    • Dianne Stanton
    • Michelle Piccirillo
    • Kim & Norm Kligerman
    • Linda Bilodeau