Prayer for High School Students

Prayer for High School Students

Heavenly Father,

Look upon us tonight and lift us up as we focus our prayer on Your precious children, our high school students.  Jeremiah 29:11 says, For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Gracious Lord, Your plans are good and perfect. We are in awe of Your creation, the beauty and splendor.  We have such gratitude for the relationship we have in You; that You lead us right where we are supposed to be.  Your plan is divine and the abundance of Your love sustains us through good and bad times.  We know Your grace is sufficient for us. 

We confess together that we have been sidelined & sidetracked from focusing our attention on You due to the uncertainty of the world right now, God. We pray for Your intervention and we ask You to forgive our iniquities and align us with Your will.

Loving God, we see hope for the future in our high schoolers.  Help them to see your calling for this earth but also more importantly, in your identity, which is eternal. Help them to keep pursuing You in the midst of the earthly activities and way of life. We pray they keep their focus on You as they seek Your will for their lives. We ask that these precious students not grow weary.  We pray for their endurance and renewed strength each day.

We lift up these teens in our homes, in our communities, in our world who are making their way from childhood to adulthood.  These are such tough times for them, Lord.  On a daily basis, these children may be dealing with isolation, fear of not being enough, gun violence, worry about the future, friendship desolation, food insecurities, covid concerns, family dynamics, overscheduling, identity questions, broken families, abuse, drugs, fitting in and peer pressure. Be their great healer and physician; ease their anxiety, their obsession with social media, their depression.  Be their provider; supply their needs both physically and emotionally.  God, equip us to be your hands and feet to help in any way we can.

God of Creation, We thank you for creating each child individually and uniquely.  We pray for those with distinctive needs; that the physical, social and spiritual growth and development will be supported with love and compassion at home and at school.  We pray that wisdom and understanding for those teens that need extra help and guidance will be met with encouragement. May the path for them be rich, for we are all God’s masterpiece, created in Christ Jesus. 

God our Banner, grant these teens the wisdom to know that they can make the right decisions that their parents trust they can, and that they realize and have no fear of reaching out for help at any time. We pray for the children who are struggling in their studies.  Help them recognize and see past their grades and bestow them confidence to reach out for help. We pray that their heart is protected from opinions and gossip and that it does not harm their self-worth.  We pray that they understand their self-worth is not determined by teachers, coaches or friends.  We pray they always remember even when things are rough, these times will not last forever. Just as we are witness to Good Friday and Jesus’ death, we know that joy comes in the morning.  We pray that they will always have the ability to stay true to themselves and discover and prioritize what is truly important to them.    

God our Shepherd, guide these children in the light and help them see You are the way and the life. Connect them with people who can give testimony of authentic faith so that they can see your good works. Bless them and keep them in Your care. 

We pray for fervor of spirit in our prayers & praise to glorify You always. 

In Your precious son, Jesus’ name, we fervently petition these prayers.

May it be so, Amen.

Prayer written by Kelly Sigler