Prayer for Intergenerational Relationships

Prayer for Intergenerational Relationships

Dear Father God,
Thank you for giving us generations in front of us to help lead us, and for generations behind us to help lead. Lord, we know that you call each one of us to mentor in different ways to each other on a daily basis, and we ask that you would pour your Holy Spirit down into us so that we can do it in your will Lord. Please guide us so that we help to be reminded of how to stay on the narrow path & to help others keep on that narrow path as well.

Lord, we know that in today’s life there are so many distractions & snares. We ask that you roll them back so that they are NOT obstacles, and instead they are stepping stones for us to do your work together.

For our older generation we ask that you fill them with your strength, energy, and
health. Teach us the things that you need to teach us through them & make stronger
their faith daily.

Next, for our younger generation we ask that you give them your passion for life, your zest for a bright future, and a willingness to give up distractions. We ask that you turn their hearts towards God.

Moving forward we ask that you be with the blending generation or the middle
generation, and you pour your commitment into them to try & create peace and
continuity from generation to generation so that the faith in you continues to burn
brightly like a beacon.

Lastly, we ask that you be with every generation watching over us from heaven or on their way to be with us here. We ask that you love & protect us all that you, our God create relationship with us and be the glue that connects all nations & generations.

Lord, in this world we thank you for Jesus. We ask that every generation be connected via Jesus, and that each generation know him & find him to be their savior. We also ask that if there are any breaks or tears in relationships that the Holy Spirit help fix those tears & restore our relationships.

Thank you for being the glue that holds all generations together. In Jesus Sweet Name.

Prayer written by Becci Monge