Prayer for the Christian Home

Prayer for the Christian Home

Gracious God, who created the families of the earth, we commend to your care all the families in this congregation, community, and the world.

We pray that each home may be a place where love, peace, and hope give light to life. May each home become a light spark for the transformation of this world into your holy Kingdom.

We pray for those homes where there is danger, violence, fear, loneliness, hurtful words, and unceasing activity without reason.

We pray for children, youth, and adults. We pray for parents, stepparents, and foster parents. We pray for couples. We pray for those who are alone. We pray for those who have formed families from friendship. May your grace be present to all.

Grant us courage to look for signs of your love, peace and hope in our homes, in our communities, and in our world.

Help us in times when we see only the mean actions of human to human. Remind us, O God, of your caring presence surrounding us and guiding us each day.

We pray, always reminded of your love for us through your son, Jesus. 


Prayer provided by Liliana Mariano, modified from