Prayer for the Grieving

Prayer for the Grieving

Compassionate and Merciful God, grief is a small word full of so many emotions and feelings.  Anger, pain, loneliness, anguish, sorrow, suffering and doubts are but a few of them. Grief affects every aspect of our being; spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally.  We turn to you, dear God, in times of grief.

Dear God, all sovereign and powerful, it is to you that we cry out and pour out our grief. Only you know and understand all the emotions and feelings of the grieving experience. We know You did not promise a life without pain, but oh the loss of a loved one at times seems to be more than some can bear.  The sadness that fills their hearts seems unsurmountable.  You, who are all knowing, see how grief pushes aside all other emotions and weighs so heavily on the grieving.  Help them to feel your loving presence in their time of need.

Loving God, help the grieving to be patient with themselves.  To realize there is no timeline to grief.  That a even a commercial can bring back a memory that brings them to tears.  Help them to see You in their time of need.  Help them to rely on Your grace to see them through their pain. 

God, help us to be a caring and compassionate church family to surround those who are suffering grief with love, patience and grace.  Help us to be a church that is non-judgmental, that doesn’t compare one person’s grief to another’s.  Help us to be a church that focuses on the hurting individual rather than how we think they should behave or act.  Help us to understand that grief doesn’t have a “quick fix” resolution.  That coping with grief is individual for each person. 

Lord bless the ministries that support the grieving.  Grief Share, a group of people who will walk alongside the grieving, so they don’t have to go through one of life’s most difficult experiences alone.  And Stephen Ministry, a confidential one-to-one lay ministry, where a grieving person can share their innermost feelings, questions and emotions and receive Christ centered care.

God, shine your eternal light onto the souls of the grieving and let them feel your love. Guide them to find new ways to cope with their loss that will renew their soul and fill their heart with your eternal love. 

In Your name we pray.  Amen

Prayer written by Lynn Mull