Prayer for the Leadership of Genesis UMC

Prayer for the Leadership of Genesis UMC

Our Great and Holy God,

We lift up our leaders of Genesis – past, present, and future. We are thankful for the many who have answered your call to serve and for the blessings our church has received from their service. May those feeling your nudge to lead, answer by stepping out in faith.

We pray your Holy Spirit will work through our leaders and guide them in all the ways you know they need. Among those, we ask you to:

  • Move them to offer their hearts daily to you as their relationship with you is strengthened and deepened. Give them your supernatural understanding of leading others boldly and rightly as you grow their skills, talent and leadership.
  • Give them discerning hearts to carry out their duties with wisdom, boldness, and confidence.
  • Guide them to fix their eyes on you and your leading. Refresh them when they feel overwhelmed. Give them strength to move through difficulties.
  • Remind them to put you and their families before ministry. May their families grow in love and unity as they pursue you together.
  • Strengthen their trust in you. May they reflect on your past provision and fulfilled promises, as they wait patiently with hope that comes only from you. By example, may they lead others into this same trust.
  • May our leaders and congregation lift up and encourage one another, speaking directly to the other’s heart.
  • Move them to form God-centered and fun relationships with others whom they can connect with deeply, sharpening them and helping them to grow.
  • Help them create connections with other ministries and leaders as partnerships in furthering your kingdom.
  • May they be led to where you want them to go with a clear path to follow, as they fulfill the great responsibility of guiding and leading others in the direction that leads to deeper walks with you.
  • Help them recognize temptation and empower them to combat it. Fill them with a deep hunger and thirst for righteousness.
  • Surround them with your love and the revelation that it is a perfect and everlasting love. May they grow in your love, loving their families and the church the way Jesus does.
  • Protect them from illness with lasting good health. Give them energy and physical strength to enjoy activities of all kinds, as well as to press on in ministry and carry out goals and tasks efficiently.
  • Give them the heart to submit to one another in humility, honor, respect, justice, and love. May leadership teams be strong, tight-knit, and unified.
  • Create in them sincerity and genuineness in motives and actions, not allowing pride to interfere; so they may walk with authenticity before you and man.
  • May they realize your abundance in all you give them to do your will, giving all the glory to you!

We ask these things in the name of your Son, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen

Prayer written by Cindy Clowers