Prayer in Worship January 29

Prayer in Worship January 29

Kim Moser led prayer time in Worship on Sunday, January 29, 2023. Kim has graciously shared it, as several members have asked that we post a copy of her prayer.

Thank you, God, that You have drawn us apart from the busy world out there into the quiet of Your house. In the center of this crowded day, we’ve come into this place of light and peace, where we can keep a holy calm. And we come with holy fear to have our hearts stirred and our eyes opened wide and, most importantly, to worship You, and to proclaim together that You are the God of the Universe, omnipotent and omniscient. We are astonished by Your amazing grace, captivated by Your power, and awed by Your mercy. Your glory and majesty are beyond our understanding.  You are as constant and enduring as the stars You placed in the sky. Blessed are You, our Creator and Redeemer, in whom we live and move, and from whom we seek forgiveness.

Lord, we are thankful that You save us from the very human parts of us – parts that we are not proud of. The selfish, prideful, foolish, indulgent, and judgmental parts of us. We confess that at times we are more interested in the noise and sparkle of this world instead of condition of our spirits. We hoard grace for ourselves. We chase after happiness instead of joy. We finger-point and blame without looking in the mirror. God, we’ve been discouraged, frustrated, dismayed and perplexed by turmoil near and far, and our faith and hope have faltered. Forgive us for not trusting in Your abundant grace, and in the covenant promises that You renew with every generation. Search our hearts, God, and bring forth the things in us that are good, pure, lovely, and righteous.

Lord, today we come with heavy hearts, messy souls, and restless bones. We are wound up inside. We are people who need Your divine peace that surpasses all understanding; Your peace that guards our hearts and minds.

Lord, many among us are caretakers of loved ones, which we recognize as a privilege and an honor. But, at times, it’s hard and tiresome and burdensome. The nights are lonely, and the days are long. Give us strength for those times that are more difficult than they are joyful.  Provide relief and rest before we know we need it.

Lord, You are our Great Physician and we have been witness to your healing miracles even in recent days. There is no limit to them or to You. So, we boldly ask for complete restoration for those among us who are feeling sick, battling disease, facing surgery, undergoing treatment, awaiting a diagnosis, trying new medications, recovering from procedures, being tested and prodded and scanned. Give wisdom and discernment to the hands that care for them, and bring mend whatever is broken.

Lord, for those grieving this hour, we ask for You to walk with them on this rocky path. Your word tells us that You are close to the brokenhearted and You save those who are crushed in spirit. Remind us all that, as Christians, we do grieve, but not as people who have no hope. We are a people who have hope of resurrection into a new life and body. Grief, loss, and death will not have the final say and, with time, our grief shall turn to joy.

Lord, help us sort all the competing claims on our time and strength this week. Give us wisdom to align our priorities appropriately. Stir in us the desire and gumption to reorder our lives, our purchases, our lifestyles that all may have their rightful share of the food, medical care, and shelter, and other provisions to stay healthy and well.

Help us to follow the light, even when it leads to unexpected destinations and the star rests above a unknown place. Give us wisdom to know when to stand bravely and when to sit quietly.  God of Might, banish our fears, lighten our darkness and send us forth with courageous hearts today. We ask all this in the name of the Jesus Christ. Amen.