Prayer Walk through Children’s Wing

Prayer Walk through Children’s Wing

August 25, 2021

Heavenly Father, we give thanks for this building, the newly built section and the renovations to the former building. We thank You for providing the funds to build it, for those that provided gifts, for those involved with the design, and for the hands that built it. May its walls hold firm and provide protection for those inside. We ask that You be ever present in this space dear Lord, and bless all who enter it. Dear God, we ask that you lead families and children in our community to this space, and fill it with children and teachers. Please let this be a place where children learn to follow You and live a Christian life. We dedicate this place to You and ask that it be a blessing to the children, to our community and to Genesis church. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


Lord, we thank you for the faithful and steadfast leadership of Liliana Mariano for our Children’s Ministry and Aubrey Barfield for our nursery. You have equipped them both with the passion and gifts for teaching our young ones about who YOU are and who THEY are as Your precious children. We also thank You for our dedicated Sunday School teachers and nursery workers who share their gifts of teaching by planting and nurturing seeds of Your love; and who shine Your light into the lives of these young ones. Please continue to move those you are calling into this important service. We pray the children grow into strong disciples of Jesus Christ as they develop and strengthen their relationship with You in their early years. We pray their hearts will always be open to Your guidance as you continually build upon that foundation of faith throughout their lives. May the teachers and their families hear and grow in their faith from the unique lessons of love and wisdom you teach us through these young hearts. We pray the children and adults know your loving presence, hope, and peace that surpass all understanding. In Christ, Amen.


Dear Lord, we lift up Genesis Christian Preschool. We give thanks for our director Marilyn Yoder and assistant director Kelly Sigler. We thank You for the gifts that you have given them and for their leadership. Give them the knowledge, energy, patience, and resources they need to keep the preschool operating efficiently with purpose and love. Thank You Lord, for Bernard Blackmon and the members of the preschool board. Help them support the preschool and guide them with sound decisions. We lift up each of the preschool teachers, for the love and care they give to the children. Dear God, we ask that you help us to fill the open teacher positions with those that You want for our team. We thank You for the children and families that we serve. May they come to know You. We ask for good health and safety for our staff, our students and families. For all these things, we thank You. In Christ, Amen.


Audible and silent prayers, as each feels led. Then join together:

Thank You, God, for hearing our prayers.


Our Great and Holy God, equip us to take and share the Good News of Jesus Christ out into the world. Please lead the families in our community to this place. Bless the children and families that come through these doors, as well as our leaders and teachers. May they feel your presence and grow in relationship with You. Bless all with good health and keep them safe. Help us to be a blessing to all lives.

We thank You for continuing to surprise us with Your provision that goes beyond, and is greater than, our dreams and expectations!

In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Prayer walk coordinated by Genesis Prayer Ministry.