Rooted begins “One at a Time”

Rooted begins “One at a Time”

Rooted adult Christian education class meets on Sundays @ 10 a.m.

On Sunday, June 12, the class will begin a video study by Kyle Idleman “One at a Time”.

Nobody grows up dreaming of waking up, going to work, heading home, watching Netflix, scrolling through social media, and then doing it all over again the next day until their last breath. We all want to be used to change the world. We want to be difference-makers.

It’s easy to get caught up in the everyday stuff of life until the years slowly go by, and with each passing year, the question seems to get louder: Am I making any difference in this world? We want to make a difference, but there are so many opinions on the way to do that. Maybe there’s a different way to make a difference, and we’re just missing it.

Jesus is the person who has made the biggest difference in all of history. How? In the story of his life as recorded in the Gospels, there’s one particular phrase that captures how Jesus had such an impact, and this is how he wants to use us to make a difference: one at a time.

Making a difference isn’t measured by a viral post or a name on a building. It isn’t determined by a following or a fan base. Making a difference isn’t dependent on what’s in your bank account or who’s in your contacts. Want to make a difference? Focus on the one. That’s it. That’s the secret of the way of Jesus. One at a time.