Sermons by Michele Hundley

Sermons by Michele Hundley


Michele Hundley, Director of Youth Ministries, shares her thoughts on the Confirmands from the 2017 Confirmation Class, and the impact they are making on youth ministry at Genesis.  As well, Ashley and Rob Nigh, mentors to the Confirmands, share their experiences with this class. Scripture:  Acts 12:12-17

“Do Justice”

Michele Hundley, Director of Youth Ministries, shares the message of “Freedom Sunday” – focusing on those who are struggling in slavery throughout the world, but are rescued by the International JUstice Mission. Micah 6:8

“The Youth Challenge”

Malana Houser, Adult Youth Volunteer, Allison O’Connor, student member of GUMC’s Unleashed Youth Ministry, and Director of Youth Ministry, Michele Hundley, share their experiences with our youth ministry, and a challenge to all parents for the future of our young people. Scripture: Acts 1:8