Sermons on Life of Christ

Sermons on Life of Christ

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“On The Right Side”

Ivy Parker, Director of Discipleship at GUMC, paints the picture of Jesus’ 3rd appearance to the disciples, cooking them breakfast by the seashore and challenging them (and us) to trust the path He sets before us. Scripture: John 21:1-14

“Love Extravagantly”

Pastor Craig Ham challenges us to give, in the same way the woman who anointed Jesus at Bethany gave, the gift of our most prized possession to Christ – our lives. Scripture: Mark 14:1-9

“The Glory Of God Revealed”

Ivy Parker, Genesis’ Director of Discipleship and Christian Nurture, uses Jesus’ first miracle of transforming water into wine to illustrate her message of how we can encounter the revelation of God’s glory.

“Easter Changes Everything!”

Pastor Craig Ham shares that though the story of Easter and the resurrection of Jesus is timeless and never changes, the impact and the truth of Jesus’ resurrection changes everything in our lives and future. Scripture:  Luke 24:1-6