Sermons on Stewardship

Sermons on Stewardship

“Charge With Enthusiasm”

Pastor Craig concludes his stewardship series on developing a spirit that is enthusiastic (en-theos – or “in God”) about life and our ministry in the world around us. Scripture:  1 Corinthians 15:57-58

“Incredibly Grateful”

Pastor Craig Ham shares a message of cultivating a grateful heart for all that God has done for us. Scripture:  Luke 17:11-19

“What Will You Do For Jesus?”

Pastor Craig Ham shares this message based on the story of Widow’s Mite to encourage us all to go “all in” with God by asking Him – “Lord, what I can I do for You today?” Scripture:  Mark 12:41-44

“Three Steps To Successful Christian Living”

Pastor Craig Ham concludes his sermon series on Stewardship this Commitment Sunday with a call to successful Christian living, and in doing so, provides the three steps to reaching that success. Scripture:  Mark 12:28-34

“Trusting God For The Future”

Pastor Craig Ham continues his sermon series on Stewardship by emphasizing the need to trust God with your plans and your life. Scripture:  Proverbs 16:3-9

“Praying For Our Children”

Pastor Craig Ham continues his Stewardship series by highlighting the significance of lifting our children and their future up in prayer, and how this is a part of our stewardship of life. Scripture:  Hebrews 10:19-22

“Gracefully Serving”

Pastor Craig Ham shares his first message in this Stewardship series about the essence of the church and its disciples – sharing the love of Christ with grace.   Scripture:  1 Peter 4:7-11

“Let’s Build For The Future”

Pastor Craig Ham continues his sermon series on the challenges we face from his community gatherings responses. In this message we are challenged to see our space limitations as an opportunity for growth. Scripture: Nehemiah 2:17-20

“Three Reasons I Tithe”

Pastor Craig Ham shares the first in a series of four messages based on the community gatherings responses to the question “what are our challenges”. Using the illustration of the story of the widow’s mite, we discover how we are called to give out of love for God. Scripture: Mark 12:41-44