This Lent: Add Instead of Giving Up!

This Lent: Add Instead of Giving Up!

Many people make a Lenten promise to give up something during this season. Other people make a Lenten promise to add something to their lives during this season. This can be done in conjunction or in place of giving something up –and is another great way to worship as a family during the season.

This year we want to offer you the choice to add by donating baking items to Dorcas to the point of becoming a Lent season sustainer or a year long sustainer.

Giving to others is an expression of our gratitude for all that God has given us, and a realization that in the Body of Christ, it is never just “me and God.”

During Lent, through our prayer and fasting, we come to a deeper understanding that the needs of all are the responsibility of all in the Body of Christ. Works of charity and the promotion of justice are integral elements of the Christian pathway toward Discipleship.

Becoming a DORCAS SUSTAINER DURING THE LENTEN SEASON will cost you around $36 worth of baking items. When you ‘pick a cross’ from the cross display in the God’s Light Café, we encourage you to: keep the verse for prayer and meditation, purchase and bring the same listed baking items every week to church.

You may continue with the same habit through the rest of the year and become a DORCAS SUSTAINER FOR THE REST OF THE YEAR. It will cost you around $220 of baking items, spending $6  per week.

You may decide to commit to this Genesis mission even more by serving in the Dorcas Pantry on Saturday mornings. The pantry is open on these days thanks to the faithfulness of Genesis people.

To sign up to serve in Dorcas Pantry, please contact