We All Grieve

We All Grieve

Grief is one of the most universal experiences we share as humans—and one of the most painful. Just as universal is the need for comfort and hope after losing a loved one. Receiving care during these times can make a profound difference for those who are grieving.

Journeying through Grief is a set of four short, easy-to-read books that offer words of comfort and hope to those grieving the loss of a loved one. Genesis Stephen Ministries sends each of the Journeying through Grief books to grieving people at specific, crucial times during that first year after a loved one dies. Each book focuses on what the person is likely to be experiencing at that time and provides care, assurance, encouragement, and hope.

Here’s what four people said about Journeying through Grief after someone sent them the books:
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 Encounters with grief vary from person to person. “Grief is that emotional state that knocks you off your feet and comes over you like a wave. Grieving necessarily has a time component to it … as our minds and bodies adapt to the fact that our loved one is gone. Note 1 

“Grief is a universal experience,” clinical psychologist Mary-Frances O’Connor notes, “and when we can connect, it is better. … The range of emotions that someone experiences when they’re grieving is as long a list as the range of emotions we have in any relationship. Commonly there’s panic, there’s anxiety, there’s sadness, there’s yearning. But what we sometimes forget is that there’s also difficulty concentrating and confusion about what happens next. Note 1

Having a resource that affirms a persons’ range of emotions and experiences can enable them to continue moving through the grief process. Journeying through Grief is a simple yet powerful way to receive (or provide) care again and again during that difficult first year.

Genesis members and guests may receive mailings of the Journeying through Grief books by contacting Kim Kligerman, kkligerman@genesis-umc.org.

Stephen Ministers offer high-quality, one-to-one, Christ-centered care to people in the congregation and the community experiencing life difficulties. Are you in need of Confidential, Christian, One on One Care? Genesis has trained Stephen Ministers ready to walk with you. Contact our Stephen Leaders at stephenministry@genesis-umc.org.

Article extracted from “We All Face Grief” produced 03/07/2023 by Stephen Ministries.org. An audience revision has been made by Stephen Leader Kim Kligerman to address those going through grief rather than those providing care.

Note 1 Notes added from the NPR interview with clinical psychologist Mary-Frances O’Connor. www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2021/12/20/1056741090/grief-loss-holiday-brain-healing